Swamp Fox ’09 surprise finish

Team Bushwhack Adventures had a roller coaster day racing KanDo Adventures’ Palmetto Swamp Fox ’09. Some good nav early on put us in the top 6-7 teams (out of a field of 50 teams). But then a tough checkpoint tricked us into wasting a considerable amount of time mid-race. That demoralized us a bit, making the latter half of the day less fun than it might have been otherwise. A late-race change in the cutoff time caused us to skip the main foot-O section, where we had hoped to put our nav skills to good use. But we kept moving as fast as we could, with a running conversation about Celebrex, joint replacements, and being too old for this $#%^. Eich did a great job red-lining us from the front of our paceline and we clocked in with about 7 minutes to spare. As we worked on a few bowls of steaming hot shrimp creole, other teams came in and we discovered that we weren’t the only ones who had mistakes or trouble on the course. The final point count put us in second place in the 3-person Male category!!

I’ll get a more comprehensive race report posted after I get the mud off my bike and the leeches out of my shorts.




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